Speaking topics already prepared:

The Wonderful Plans Our Marvelous God Has For Your Life
Part one: He's the Dream Planter
Part two: It's All About the Process
Part three: It's All About His Timing

Dynamic Writing Seminars:
Workshop 1: Where Do I Fit in Publishing Today?
Workshop 2: Essential Preparation Before Writing a Book
Workshop 3: Getting the Words Right
Workshop 4: Layering Pizazz
Workshop 5: Marketing

Layering Pizzazz
Applying the Father’s Heart to Your Writing
Settings – Beyond Talking Heads, Bare Stage
Taking Settings to the Next Level
Getting the Words Right
Establishing and Controlling Your Internet Presence
Comparisons Equal Discouragement
The Importance of Networking
Working With Editors and Agents
Painting Historicals With Authenticity
Writing a Salvation Scene
Writing Scripts That Work

Church Meetings and Retreats:
Hearing God
Our Only Hope - Trusting God
How to be Successful in Whatever God Has Called You to Do
Understanding the Father’s Heart for You and Walking In That Truth
Finding God’s Destiny for You
How to Stay Married in the 21st Century
Never Say Never
What Are We to Compare Ourselves To?

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