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I've accumulated a long list of useful links to help make my historical novels authentic to the time period. I'm sharing them with you here.

Links for reference – Lena Nelson Dooley - lots of historical sources, digitized - includes other information - by decade in 19th century - from Library of Congress - on all aspects of 19th century – Hill Country Texas historical articles - digitized magazines, newspapers, etc. - all kinds of antiques - presidential election information from 1789

Baby and child care:

Books Available in the 19th Century:

Calendars: - moon calendar through the ages - New - historical things by decade, year, month, day since 1800 - New - Historic prices by date.


Civil War:

Clothing: - women’s hats from 1820-1890 – valuable resource by decade, gender, and type of clothing - 19th Century men’s attire - 19th Century women’s attire – Civil War trousers being made by an enactor - historical military uniform info  - not necessarily historical, but in light of the interest in Amish and Mennonite books, here’s a bonus - history of men’s undergarments




Dance and Music: - songs during WW II


Floor plans:


Furniture and Household items:

General Information: - a plethora of general historical information - super link for all kinds of information and books for reference - The effects of the introduction of barbed wire - pictures from 1850-1940 with searchable database, including maps - starts with 1900 and ends with 2008 – Boston population timeline - all kinds of information in the Library of Congress - history of Western Union default.htm - pictures of wagons and parts - Washington State history - scanned pictures from old books - Making of America - all kinds of information  - this one is Christian chronicles 5 families who lived in the house from 1757-1945 with artifacts, etc. - penny postcards from all states and different eras - lots of information on things used in housekeeping


Houses: – for various kinds of houses


Law Enforcement: - This is where to go for Texas state licensing for PIs -This is where to go for Texas concealed handgun info - This is the United States Marshals website.

Legal: documents in law, history, diplomacy

Links for genealogy – includes international – Free genealogy information

Links to Historical Information:

Links for states:

Magazines and Books (actual text):

Mail Order Brides:


Medical:  - History of diseases - Lydia Pinkham’s private textbook on ailments peculiar to women (whole text here)



Native Plants:

Naming Historical Characters:


Oregon Trail:

Photography: - Smithsonian Photography Initiative - scanned pictures from old books in public domain - New York Public Library Digital Gallery - pictures from cities, good for settings. – color photos from 30’s&40’s

Prices through history:


Regency Information:
Jane Austen Today –  - A blog that explores Regency period author, Jane Austen, as we see her today in movies, prints, sequels, websites and other modern media.
Jane Austen’s World – - A blog that strives to bring to life Jane Austen’s novels and the Regency Period through food, dress, social customs, and other 19th century historical details.
The Beau Monde – - A writing group for writers who write Regencies. One must be a member of Romance Writers of America, since this is an RWA chapter.
Susanna Carlton, Regency Author – - A great resource that describes what the Regency era is, the difference between Regency romances and Regency-set historical romances, and other basic info.
Eras of Elegance – - A list of movies that are available with settings in the Regency era.
Fashions in Time – - Lady’s costume fashions in the Regency era.
Good Ton - - A resource for readers of a Regency romance novel.
The Regency Collection – - Links recommended books.
Regency England (1790-1830) – - Includes info on weddings, fashion, shopping, and Regency romance novels.
The Regency Fashion Page – - Includes photos and images of fashion plates.
The Regency Page – - This is an excellent resource for all things Regency.
Regency Reader's Site Page - - Resource links.
Regency References – - More information on the English Regency and more dancing. Regency Reproductions – - Costume reproductions for men, women and children in the extended Regency period (1795 – 1837).
Welcome to the Website of Joanna Waugh - Resources for readers and writers of Regency fiction

Shopping sites:

Slavery: A variety of different files from the slaves perspective.

Song Copyright Information:

Specific Information for a year:





Transportation: - list of horse-drawn carriages  This is a list of carriage names and descriptions - Reproduction carriages for sale. Good pictures.  This is a carriage museum. stewardess uniforms from 368 airlines, past & present – Development of RR 1830-1950

Used Books:

Victorian House:

Victorian Information:

Weather: - historical weather information for many areas (there is a charge).

Women and voting:

Words – Timing and Usage: - wonderful site for 19th century phrases (not a Christian site, some may be offensive)

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